Cliquidity for individuals

Cliquidity lets you, the individual, do sophisticated, widely accepted personal assessments, so that you can be matched with users you cliq with.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that there are people in your area who match what you need right now? And if you want to meet them, we'll introduce you!

Also, companies who recruit will welcome your assessments together with your CV, and will find the task of matching you with your perfect job or team much easier.

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how it works

Sign up today - it's free, quick and easy.

Complete the online assessments - each assessment takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Download your free assessment results - learn more about yourself or send your results along with your CV to potential employers.

Discover people you cliq with - view interesting people in your area, search using biographical, personality and location criteria or explore your existing social networks.

Request an introduction - and (if they accept) connect and expand your network.

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