Intentional networking using psychological assessments

For individuals

For businesses

Assessments for Individuals

All assessments below are free for your personal use.
Learn more about yourself in terms of your:


Discover your personality preferences in your life generally, your relationships and in the professional context.


Learn what motivates you and gain enhanced self-insight and employment opportunities.

Career interests

Get a list of recommended careers and an in depth interest profile to develop your career further or discover more options.

Risk Profiling

Discover your propensity to perform certain counter-productive behaviours in your personal life and the work environment.

Numerical Reasoning Assessment

Evaluate your current skill levels in solving numerical problems.
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Benefits for the individual

Cliquidity offers short psychometric assessments that have been scientifically developed by professionals. The assessments have advanced scoring techniques and online reports that explain the concepts in simple terms.
  • Enhance self-insight
  • Inform your career decisions
  • Facilitate job-applications
  • Get more employment or career options
  • Personal development
  • Social matching
  • Addendum to your CV
  • Gain insight into your potential counterproductive work behaviour

How it works

Connect with people based on psychological assessment results.
Based on an invites, individuals can accept or decline invites to share results. Sign up now (it's free for personal use) Watch a 1 minute video
Steps to get started
  • 1. Sign up for a free account
  • 2. Complete your basic profile
  • 3. Choose if you would like to be contacted by companies
  • 4. Complete the assessments
  • 5. Get your results immediately
  • 6. Complete the rest of your profile at your own convenience

Secure and Private

Cliquidity takes data privacy seriously. Cliquidity is GDPR Compliant, keeps your assessment data secure and allows candidates to control their data by opting into options, giving them active control over who has access to their results. Read more

Assessments for Businesses

Bolster the profiles in your system, offer your users short, fun and well-researched assessments and add psychological measures to your data. Lightweight, cost effective, large scale assessments with search engine, detailed scoring sheets and individual candidate reports. Cliquidity has a business platform that allows you to control your assessments and a business API for integrating assessments into your platform.

Candidate Profile

Capture candidate education, work experiences and preferences.


Pre-screen large numbers of job applicants.


Identify suitably motivated candidates for specific job roles, people development, coaching or team building, simplify talent management by categorising employees.

Adaptive Reasoning

Use the Cliquidity Adaptive Reasoning Assessment (CARA) for people development and coaching. Candidates need to be invited to complete the CARA and the results are not released to candidates directly.

Vocational Interests

Use the Vocational Interests (VI) assessment to identify suitable candidates for a specific job or give career guidance.

Performance Risk Profiler

Discover a candidate's likelihood to engage in counterproductive behaviour in the work environment.

Numerical Reasoning Assessment

Gage a candidate's numerical problem solving skills.

The Entrepreneurial Game

Use The Entrepreneurial Game to discover a candidate's commercial orientation.

Competency Report

Get insight into a candidate's competencies in the work environment.
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Benefits for Businesses

  • Mass selection
  • Organisational audits
  • Personal or team development
  • Pre-screening of job applicants
  • Individual development, coaching and team-building
  • Person-job matching
  • Prioritising candidates based on competency requirements
  • Simplified talent management enabled by categorisation
  • Customisable match reports
  • Career guidance
  • Gain insight into potential counterproductive work behaviours
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Secure and Private

Cliquidity takes data privacy seriously. Cliquidity is GDPR Compliant, keeps your assessment data secure and allows candidates to control their data by opting into options, giving them active control over who has access to their results. Read more

Business Packages

(if you are an educational institution, charity organisation or startup corporation, then an extended trial period and discounts apply)

Use the Cliquidity platform to nominate candidates

You can use Cliquidity’s system to invite candidates, download reports, manage their assessment data and search for potential candidates.

Integrate our assessments into your platform

You can integrate with Cliquidity to offer assessments and results on your website. We provide the raw scores so that you can offer your own features based on the results. Cliquidity has a well-developed API and other integration options.

For more assessments

Cognadev aims to lead the field in developing and providing innovative and sophisticated psychological assessment and development methodologies to empower HR practitioners, consultants, employees in the work environment and individuals, to understand and optimise talent. Cognadev website