Cliquidity for Businesses

For Businesses

Cliquidity allows companies to search for and connect with potential job candidates and pre-screen them using quick, but sophisticated assessments.

Using our advanced search algorithms, you can quickly identify matching candidates and invite those who meet specific psychological, biographical and location requirements.

You can assess large groups of individuals by creating mass nominations - our system has been designed to allow you to manage and track hundreds of candidates.

As Cliquidity capture relevant personal, educational and career related information, it can be used to automatically sort job applications.

Benefits for Businesses

Cliquidity offers short psychometric assessments that have been scientifically developed by professionals. The assessments have advanced scoring techniques and online reports that explain the concepts in simple terms.

Cliquidity's assessments can be used for

  • Mass selection
  • Organisational audits
  • Personal or team development
  • Pre-screening of job applicants
  • Individual development, coaching and team-building
  • Person-job matching
  • Prioritising candidates based on competency requirements
  • Simplified talent management enabled by categorisation
  • Customisable match reports
  • Career guidance
  • Gain insight into potential counterproductive work behaviours


Personality Report

A report is provided that describes the personality as well as the interpersonal and work-related characteristics of the person. Aspects such as worldview, emotions, defences, motivation and team role preferences are addressed.


  • Prioritise potential job candidates in terms of competency requirements
  • Conduct organisational audits
  • Invite suitable candidates to apply for vacancies
  • Simplify talent management by categorising employees
  • Inform people development, coaching or team building


Motivation Report

A report is provided which indicates both strengths and development areas in terms of a person's life scripts, self-awareness, energy themes, motivational drivers, defence mechanisms, self-presentation, emotional intelligence and personality.


  • Identify suitably motivated candidates for specific job roles
  • Use the results for people development, coaching or team building

Cliquidity Adaptive Reasoning Assessment

CARA report

Three constructs are described in the report: speed, logical-reasoning and learning skills.


Identify suitable candidates for a specific job

Use the results for people development or coaching

Vocational Interests

VI report

The VI report includes a person's results on each Holland category, their Holland code (and a description of the characteristics associated with that code), a unique profile of insights based on the assessment results, a list of suitable careers as well as other insights into the world of work based on the results.


  • Identify suitable candidates for a specific job
  • Use the results for people development, coaching or team building purposes.

Performance Risk Profiler

PRP report

The PRP report indicates a score for each counterproductive behaviour measured as well as an interpretation of how it could impact a person in the work environment.


  • Screen candidates for possible counterproductive work behaviours.


All personal information and assessments results are completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone without the person's prior consent.


The validity of the results depends on the honesty and self-insight of the test subject. The results are situational and largely reflect how a person responds to his/ her current circumstances. The assessment can be taken repeatedly if necessary.

How it works

  1. Sign up
  2. Apply for a business account
  3. Access business area
  4. Candidate complete the assessments and they are automatically scored
  5. Candidate releases their results - you can get the report or the raw scores

You can also search Cliquidity's existing database for the candidates already on the system and invite candidates from the search.

Business Packages

Use the Cliquidity platform to nominate candidates

You can use Cliquidity's system to invite candidates, download reports, manage their assessment data and search for potential candidates.

This option means that you will essentially use Cliquidity's platform to manage all your assessment data.

You can use our nomination button to allow people to start the Cliquidity assessments directly on your site. This is an automatic nomination and, once the candidate releases their data, the results are returned automatically to your business account in Cliquidity.

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Integrate our assessments into your platform

You can become a reseller and integrate with Cliquidity to offer assessments and results on your website. We provide the raw scores so that you can offer your own features based on the results. Cliquidity has a well-developed API and other integration options.

This allows you to bypass the Cliquidity business interface and integrate Cliquidity's assessments and results as a feature of your own platform. Cliquidity's assessments are multipurpose and the raw results can be tailored to suit your assessment goals.

Interested in Assessment Integration